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About us

On Elektra Labs, you can test the newest digital health products from the comfort of your own home. Digital health companies receive your quantitative product feedback, which helps them craft the most effective products for you.

Test the
newest sleep tech

Test out new products from digital health companies and share feedback to make those products work better for you

from your own home

No need to come into a lab or sleep center

Use sensors
you already own

All of our research uses devices you already own or can easily purchase (e.g., FitBit, Beddit)


At the end of the research period, you'll get an analysis of your sleep history to see how the product worked for you

in the driver seat

Our mission is to help you get a great night's rest, and we partner with companies who strive for the same

Let's sleep better.

Elektra Lab Research Trials



Do you have trouble falling asleep? Trial length: 14 days

Enroll in our Blue Light study

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Do you want deeper, more restful sleep? Trial length: 21 days

Enroll in our neurologic music therapy study

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Are you worried about jetlag? Trial length: 7 days

Enroll in our DREEM Study

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you're welcome to register for the platform. At the time we only have FitBit-based research trials. We're looking to add other devices soon, and we'll keep you posted when we do.
Yes, stay tuned. We're looking to expand into other digital health technologies, including cardiovascular and neurotechnology research.
Please send us an email at and we'll schedule a consultation.

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